Building Iron Man’s JARVIS

As a computer science student, when someone ask me who my favorite superhero is, my answer is always Iron Man. This character written by Stan Lee has been loading my head with concepts and designs from a hologram projector to a flying metal suit. But the concept I’m gonna talk about right now is his JARVIS. A virtual assistant that can perform various functions from waking up Tony Stark to flying his Iron Man suit.

After months of choosing a name and hours of designing the system (i’m serious), I finally started to write my own virtual assistant called ALEXIS. The first function I wrote is JARVIS’s first function shown in the MCU, an alarm clock. Here’s ALEXIS in action…

And here’s the original scene from the first Iron Man movie…

Apart from the mansion and the girl, I’d say I pretty much nailed it ? Anyway, keep in touch! I might gonna make it an open source project.

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